Swiss discretion and expertise



At Switzerlart we offer you a very special showroom where you can exhibit your pieces of art. It is a special place of 60 square meters in the Freeport of Geneva equipped to show the works in an optimal way and where you can realize your purchase and sale transactions.
Even more, you no longer need to have your entire art collection at home. Switzerlart also offers you a warehouse where you can store your works of art, knowing that they are always in the best hands.


The personal and specialised attention to our clients is one of the attributes of Switzerlart. We also apply this philosophy in our facilities and our showroom. Our intention is to make you feel as if your pieces of art were exhibited in a real museum worthy of their value. Exquisite décor of minimalist style and carefully designed lighting help observe the pieces in all their splendour.


We Believe That Works Of Art Deserve More Than A Warehouse.

The Geneva Freeport can be a cold and impersonal place, and that is why we created this special showroom where our clients can exhibit their works of art and organize private visits when they wish to generate a transaction.

Like At The Best Of Museums

Our intention is that when you see your artwork or show it to someone, you feel like in your own living room or at the best of museums. We want to offer you a cozy and well decorated place that lives up to the quality of your art collection.


Discreet And Private Place

There is also the possibility of organizing small private events in our facilities. We offer our showroom for small meetings of art lovers. If you want to show your pieces, or if you want to contemplate some work that you are thinking of buying, you can take advantage of all the facilities that Switzerlart puts at your disposal.

Store And Display Your Works Of Art

This cozy showroom is a discreet and private place to talk about art and business. There is no better environment to buy and sell art than when one is surrounded by art.