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The works of art can be seen as little pieces in the enormous puzzle that is the history of humanity. But each one of them is also a beloved good or an important investment for the person who owns them. For this reason, it is necessary to preserve them in the best way possible. collection at home. Switzerlart also offers you a warehouse where you can store your works of art, knowing that they are always in the best hands.

At Switzerlart we strive to offer the best place for your works of art and the best service for you. Our facilities in the Geneva Freeport are characterized by: high level of security and protection; a climate control that maintains them in the best conditions; an exhaustive inventory that allows locating each work at any moment; and an insurance system that protects the works of art of any unforeseen events. lighting help observe the pieces in all their splendour

Round-The-Clock Security

Security of works of art is a key element in Switzerlart. That is why our facilities are monitored round-the-clock and feature last generation alarms. The Geneva Freeport is one of the most secure places in the world and within it, the Switzerlart team is always on the alert to ensure the security of all the pieces of art we store.


Be on mental calmness knowing that your collection is in good hands with Switzerlart.
An art collection is often the result of a lifetime’s work. That is why it is so important to keep the works in a secure place, but also to insure them against any mishaps that may occur.
With Switzerlart you no longer have to worry about it. In addition of having top facilities, we insure your works of art while stored with us.
We work so that our clients are relieved knowing that their collection is in good hands with Switzerlart.

Exhaustive Inventory

A collector always needs to know where and in what state his works of art are. For this, at Switzerlart we have an inventory system that allows us to always have control over the works of art we store in our facilities. We locate each work efficiently and quickly whenever a collector, merchant or buyer wants to see it.

You Can Also Transport With Us Your Works Of Art